Research & Development

We are committed to a continuous investment into pharmaceutical research and development to make patients’ life easier and more liveble every day.

We are convinced that innovation is one of the key factors behind our organic growth. Our strong and experienced team of outstanding scientists has a remarkable innovation track record. Partnerships with scientific labs around the world ensure that we always stay up to date with developments in our sector.

Our primary targets are smart healthcare solutions that require a high degree of ambition and knowledge in order to be marketed.

Our research facilities

Our research facilities


Solid oral dosage forms are the specialty of our research and development labs at our headquarter site in Lannach. Our main focus is on developing difficult-to-make modified release preparations based on various innovative formulation techniques.


Our scientists in Vienna are specialised in the development of liquid and semisolid dosage forms including sterile preparations. User friendly, compliance fostering formulations are the primary target of our team in the Austrian capital.

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