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Who we are

Welcome to our world of innovative pharmaceuticals at GL Pharma, an international pharma company committed to enhancing global well-being. With a deep-rooted passion for health and innovation, we specialize in crafting, manufacturing, and bringing to market both specialized products and reliable generics that contribute to the betterment of lives, not only in Austria but also across the globe.

At GL Pharma, our reach extends far beyond borders. With an international presence, we operate subsidiaries and cooperate with licensees spanning more than 50 countries, uniting diverse medical landscapes under a common goal: a healthier world for all.


Our expertise is firmly anchored in three pivotal domains:

  • Empowering Urology, Pain, and Opioid Care: Aiming to transform lives in critical medical realms, we’re deeply entrenched in urological health, pain treatment, and compassionate opioid substitution therapy. Our commitment extends beyond treatment; it’s about fostering dignity and resilience.
  • Cardiovascular Excellence: Elevating heart health is at the core of our mission. We innovate solutions that empower healthy hearts, enriching lives with each beat.
  • Central Nervous System Advancement: Our dedication to neurological well-being drives us to pioneer advancements in central nervous system care. We’re committed to unraveling mysteries of the mind and offering hope to those affected by neurological challenges.