Our locations in Austria

Gerot Lannach is an international family-owned company, offering under the brand Gerot Lannach innovative drugs as well as a broad range of proprietary branded generics. Here is the link to our foreign subsidiaries.

We are also happy to answer general inquiries: office@gl-pharma.at

G.L. Pharma GmbH - Headquarter

Schlossplatz 1
8502 Lannach

Marketing & Sales/Medical & Regulatory Affairs Lannach

Leopold-Bartenstein-Straße 1
8502 Lannach

Warehouse/Production Site Lannach

Industriestraße 1
8502 Lannach

Office/Production Site Vienna

Arnethgasse 3
1160 Vienna

Adverse Reaction Report

Please report any suspected adverse event or adverse drug reaction to G.L. Pharma GmbH, Medical and Regulatory Affairs / Pharmacovigilance Unit…

T +43 3136 82577-0

F +43 3136 82577-292

E pv@gl-pharma.at


…or make use of our online reporting form. Please click here to report any suspected adverse event or adverse drug reaction:

Adverse Reaction Report

In case of emergencies please contact your physician, an emergency service or call an ambulance.