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Anxiolit® forte

Anxiolit® forte

Anxiolit® contains the active substance oxazepam. 

Oxazepam is a sedative from the group of benzodiazepines. Oxazepam mainly has anxiety- and tension-relieving properties and also has a sleep-promoting effect. 

Anxiolit® forte 50 mg tablets lead to a balanced mood in severe states of anxiety and agitation. However, Anxiolit® can only relieve the symptoms of anxiety and tension states, but does not eliminate their causes.

Anxiolit® forte is used for the supplementary short-term treatment of severe anxiety, tension and agitation states in adults.

Anxiolit® redart capsules are used in adults to treat the symptoms of anxiety, tension and agitation.

Active substance: Oxazepam

Strength Pack size
forte: 50 mg 30, 100

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