Bupensan® contains the active substance buprenorphine. 

Bupensan® is prescribed for the treatment of opioid dependence in the context of appropriate medical supervision and comprehensive psychosocial care. 

Treatment with Bupensan® sublingual tablets is suitable for patients aged 15 and over.

The Narcotic Drugs Ordinance as amended from time to time as well as the Continuing Education Ordinance must be followed accordingly (also when determining the indication). The treatment may only be carried out by doctors who can ensure appropriate care for drug addicts. All risks of danger to self and others must be excluded as far as possible.

Before starting the adjustment to buprenorphine, the substance dependence on opioids must be verified by an appropriate result in the urine test.

In case of a short duration of dependence as well as in persons under 20 years of age, the indication for substitution treatment must be made with particular care.

Product details

Active substance: Buprenorphine

Strength Pack size Dosage form Appearance
2 mg 7, 28 Sublingual tablets
4 mg 7, 28 Sublingual tablets
8 mg 7, 28 Sublingual tablets

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