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Calmolan® retard

Calmolan® retard

Calmolan® retard contains the active substance pramipexole.

Calmolan® retard belongs to the group of dopamine agonists that stimulate the dopamine receptors in the brain. Stimulation of the dopamine receptors triggers nerve impulses in the brain that help control body movements.

Calmolan® retard Is indicated in adults for the symptomatic treatment of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, alone (without levodopa) or in combination with levodopa, i.e. throughout the course of the disease up to the advanced stage, when the effect of levodopa decreases or becomes irregular and fluctuations in therapeutic effect occur (so-called end-of-dose or on-off phenomena).

Active substance: Pramipexole

Strength Pack size
0,26 mg 10
0,52 mg 10, 30
1,05 mg 10, 30
2,1 mg 10, 30
3,15 mg 30

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