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Deferasirox G.L.

Deferasirox G.L.

Deferasirox G.L. contains the active substance deferasirox.
It is an iron complex former (chelator) used as a medicine to remove excess iron (also called iron overload) from the body. It binds and removes excess iron, which is mainly excreted in the stool.

Indications for use:

Patients suffering from various forms of anemia (anemia, such as thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)) require repeated blood transfusions. However, as a result of repeated blood transfusions, you may develop iron overload because blood contains iron. Thus, your body has no way to remove the excess iron received with the blood transfusions.
Patients with non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia syndromes may also develop iron overload over time. This mainly results from increased dietary iron intake due to low blood cell counts. Over time, iron overload can damage important organs, such as the liver or heart. Therefore, so-called iron complexing agents (chelators) are used as drugs to remove the excess iron in patients with such iron overload and prevent iron-related organ damage.
Deferasirox G.L. is used to treat chronic iron overload due to frequent blood transfusions in patients with beta-thalassemia major aged 6 years and older.
It is also used to treat chronic iron overload when deferoxamine therapy is not indicated or inappropriate in patients with beta-thalassemia major with iron overload due to infrequent blood transfusions, in patients with other anemias, and in children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Also, patients 10 years of age and older are treated with Deferasirox G.L. who have iron overload along with thalassemia syndromes but who are not transfusion dependent when deferoxamine therapy is contraindicated or inadequate.

Active substance: Deferasirox

Strength Pack size
90mg 30
180mg 30
360mg 30, 90

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