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Eplezot® contains the active substance eplerenone.

Eplezot® belongs to a group of medicines known as selective aldosterone blockers. These inhibit the action of aldosterone, a substance produced naturally in the body that regulates blood pressure and heart function. In high concentrations, aldosterone can cause changes in the body that lead to a weakening of the heart muscle.

Eplezot® is used to treat heart muscle weakness in the following cases in order to prevent further worsening of the heart muscle weakness and reduce possible hospitalisation:

  1. if the patient has recently had a heart attack, in combination with other medicines for the treatment of heart muscle weakness, or
  2. if the patient has persistent mild symptoms despite the treatment they have received so far.

Active substance: Eplerenone

Strength Pack size
25 mg 10, 30
50 mg 10, 30

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