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Eskelan® contains the active substance esketamine. This is an anaesthetic (used to keep patients asleep during surgery) with analgesic effects.

Eskelan® is given to adults, children and adolescents:

  • to induce and maintain general anaesthesia (general anaesthesia), if necessary together with sleeping pills
  • to supplement local anaesthesia (local or regional anaesthesia)
  • for anaesthesia and pain relief (analgesia) in emergency medicine
  • for anaesthesia in asthmatic patients when artificial respiration (intubation) is necessary
  • for pain control during artificial respiration (intubation)

Active substance: Esketamine

Strength Pack size
5 mg/ml 10 (à 5 ml)
25 mg/ml 10 (à 2 ml)
25 mg/ml 5 (à 10 ml)
25 mg/ml 25 (à 10 ml)

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