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Feburo® contains the active substance febuxostat.

Feburo® is used to treat gout, which is related to an excess of uric acid (urate) in the body.

Feburo® is given to adults.

In some people, uric acid accumulates in the blood and can reach concentrations so high that uric acid becomes insoluble. When this happens, urate crystals can form in and around the joints and kidneys. These crystals can suddenly cause severe pain, redness, a feeling of warmth and joint swelling (known as a gout attack). If left untreated, larger crystal deposits called gout nodules can form in and around the joints. These gouty nodules can damage joints and bones.

Feburo® works by lowering the uric acid concentration in the blood. If the uric acid concentration is kept low by taking Feburo® once a day, the formation of crystals is prevented and in this way a reduction in the symptoms is achieved over time. If the uric acid concentration is kept low for a sufficiently long time, this can also cause the gout nodules to shrink.

Feburo® 120 mg film-coated tablets are also used to treat and prevent high uric acid concentrations in the blood. These can occur when chemotherapy for blood cancer is started. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells, which increases the uric acid concentration in the blood if the formation of uric acid is not prevented.

Active substance: Febuxostat

Strength Pack size
80 mg 10, 30
120 mg 10, 30

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