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Gerofol® contains the active substance folic acid.

Folic acid belongs to the group of B vitamins (vitamin B11) and is of central importance for the metabolism of all living cells. It is absolutely necessary for normal cell growth and cell division, e.g. for normal blood formation. During pregnancy, there is an increased need for folic acid because of the rapidly dividing cells in the foetus.

Healthy people normally take in sufficient folic acid with their food. Foods rich in folic acid include liver, kidneys, yeast, nuts and green vegetables (especially broccoli). However, folic acid compounds from food are utilised by the human body about half as poorly as pure folic acid. In addition, folic acid is rapidly destroyed by cooking. Folic acid is stored in the tissues, especially in the liver. An excess of folic acid is broken down by the body and excreted via the kidneys.

Gerofol® is used

  • for folic acid deficiencies that cannot be corrected by a change in diet;
  • to prevent a neural tube defect in newborns if you have already had a child with a neural tube defect. In this case, you are at increased risk of giving birth to a child with a neural tube defect. To reduce this risk, your doctor has prescribed Gerofol® for you.

Active substance: Folic Acid

Strength Pack size
5 mg 30, 100

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