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Ivacorlan® contains the active substance ivabradine. 

Ivacorlan® is a heart medicine used to treat:

  • Symptomatic stable angina (causing chest pain) in adult patients with a heart rate of 70 beats per minute or more. It is used in adult patients who cannot tolerate or take so-called beta-blockers as heart medicines. It is also used in combination with beta-blockers in adult patients whose condition is not fully controlled with beta-blockers.
  • Chronic heart failure (cardiac insufficiency) in adult patients whose heart rate is 75 beats per minute or more. It is used in combination with standard treatment, including beta-blockers, or when beta-blockers cannot be given or are not tolerated.

Active substance: Ivabradine

Strength Pack size
5 mg 30, 60
7,5 mg 30, 60

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