Neurotop® contains the active substance carbamazepine.

Carbamazepine has both a seizure-inhibiting and a mood-improving effect in various forms of epileptic seizures.

Neurotop® is given to adults, children and adolescents for the treatment of epilepsy.

  • Complex or simple partial seizures (with or without loss of consciousness) with or without secondary generalisation.
  • Generalised tonic-clonic seizures
  • Mixed forms of seizures

Neurotop® can be used for monotherapy and combination therapy.

Neurotop® is used in adults for the treatment of acute mania and for the phase prophylaxis of manic-depressive psychoses in patients who do not respond to or for whom lithium therapy is contraindicated. Neurotop® is also used in trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy and to prevent cerebral seizures in alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Product details

Active substance: Carbamazepine

Strength Pack size Dosage form Appearance
200 mg 50, 100 Tablets
400 mg 50, 100 Tablets
300 mg 100 Prolonged-release tablets
600 mg 100 Prolonged-release tablets

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