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Nozinan® contains the active substance levomepromazine.

Nozinan® is a neuroleptic (anitpsychotic), a medicinal product with an effect on the central nervous system for the treatment of certain mental and emotional disorders. Nozinan® has a strong depressant effect on excitement and leads to the resolution of anxiety and restlessness.

Nozinan® is given to adults for the following complaints:

  • in nervous and mood disorders associated with agitation, restlessness and anxiety or with behavioural disorders and difficulties in adjustment (e.g. in schizophrenic disorders).

The break notch on Nozinan® 25 mg film-coated tablets is only used to divide the tablet for easier swallowing and not to divide it into equal doses.

Active substance: Levomepromazine

Strength Pack size
25 mg 50, 100
100 mg 100

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