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Pemegerolan® is a medicine used to treat cancer. Pemegerolan® is used in combination with cisplatin, another medicine used to treat cancer, to treat malignant pleural mesothelioma, a cancer of the pleura, in patients who have not received prior chemotherapy. Pemegerolan® is also given in combination with cisplatin for the initial treatment of patients with advanced stages of lung cancer. Pemegerolan® may be prescribed if you have advanced stage lung cancer and your disease has responded to initial chemotherapy or has remained mostly unchanged. Pemegerolan® is also used to treat patients with advanced stages of lung cancer after other chemotherapy has previously been used and the disease has subsequently progressed.

Active substance: Pemetrexed

Strength Pack size
25 mg/ml: 100 mg 1 Stk. (à 4 ml)
25 mg/ml: 500 mg 1 Stk. (à 20 ml)
25 mg/ml: 1000 mg 1 Stk. (à 40 ml)

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