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Prasulan® contains the active substance prasugrel and belongs to a group of medicines called platelet function inhibitors (thrombocyte aggregation inhibitors).

Platelets are very small blood cells that circulate in the blood. When a blood vessel is damaged, for example by a cut, the platelets clump together and thus help to form a blood clot (thrombus). This is why platelets are necessary to stop bleeding. If such a blood clot (thrombus) forms in hardened (calcified) blood vessels such as an artery, this can be very dangerous because it can cut off the blood supply, which can then lead to a heart attack (myocardial infarction), stroke or death. Blood clots in arteries that supply blood to the heart can also reduce the blood supply, which can lead to chest tightness with severe chest pain (unstable angina).

Prasulan® prevents the blood platelets from clumping together and in this way reduces the possible formation of blood clots.

Prasulan® is prescribed to people who have already had a heart attack or unstable chest tightness (angina pectoris) and who have had the blocked arteries in their heart opened up by medical intervention. Prasulan® is also prescribed to patients who have had one or more ‘stents’ inserted to keep the blocked or narrowed arteries supplying the heart open. Prasulan® reduces the risk of having further heart attacks or strokes or dying from one of these atherothrombotic events. In addition, the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid or another platelet function inhibitor is prescribed.

Active substance: Prasugrel

Strength Pack size
5 mg 30
10 mg 30

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