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Sugagelan® contains the active substance sugammadex. Sugammadex is considered to be a selective relaxant binding agent since it only works with specific muscle relaxants (rocuronium bromide or vecuronium bromide).

When you have some types of operations, your muscles must be completely relaxed. This makes it easier for the surgeon to do the operation. For this, the general anaesthetic you are given includes medicines to make your muscles relax. These are called muscle relaxants. Examples include rocuronium bromide and vecuronium bromide. Because these medicines also make your breathing muscles relax, you need help to breathe (artificial ventilation) during and after your operation until you can breathe on your own again.

Sugagelan® is used to speed up the recovery of your muscles after an operation to allow you to breathe on your own again earlier. Sugagelan® does this by binding to the rocuronium bromide or vecuronium bromide in your body.

Sugagelan® can be used in adults whenever rocuronium bromide or vecuronium bromide is used. In children and adolescents (aged 2 to 17 years), it can be used when rocuronium bromide is used for a moderate level of relaxation.

Active substance: Sugammadex

Strength Pack size
100 mg/ml to 2 ml 10
100 mg/ml to 5 ml 10

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