Urapidil, the active substance in Uragelan®, is a blood pressure-lowering drug from the group of alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists. On the one hand, it causes a decrease in vascular resistance (via a blockade of alpha receptors). This dilates the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure. On the other hand, it also prevents the counter-reaction (increase in heart rate) of the autonomic nervous system. The heart rate therefore remains largely constant.

Uragelan® Gebrauchsinformation 30 mg, 60 mg, Stand 06.2020

Uragelan® Gebrauchsinformation 90 mg, Stand 07.2020

Product details

Active substance: Urapidil

Strength Pack size Dosage form Appearance
30 mg 30, 60 Hard capsules
60 mg 30, 60 Hard capsules
90 mg 30, 60 Hard capsules

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