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Vesiglandin® comp.

Vesiglandin® comp.

Vesiglandin® comp. is a combination of two different active substances, solifenacin and tamsulosin, in a single tablet. Solifenacin is from a group of drugs called anticholinergics and tamsulosin is from a group of drugs called alpha-blockers.

Vesiglandin® comp is for use in men for the treatment of moderate to severe bladder storage and emptying disorders of the lower urinary tract caused by bladder problems and an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Vesiglandin® comp. is used when a prior monotherapy for this disease did not adequately alleviate symptoms.

Prostate growth can lead to urinary tract problems (bladder emptying disorders), such as urinary retention (difficulty passing urine), difficulties during urination (weak stream), dribbling and the feeling of incomplete bladder emptying. Your bladder can also be affected at the same time by spontaneously contracting at moments when you do not want to void your bladder. This causes bladder storage disorders, such as altered bladder sensation, strong urgency to urinate (unexpected, strong urge to urinate without warning) and frequent urination. Solifenacin reduces undesired contractions of your bladder and increases the volume of urine that your bladder can hold. This extends the amount of time until the next visit to the toilet. Tamsulosin allows urine to flow more easily through the urethra and eases urination

Active substance: Solifenacin, Tamsulosin

Strength Pack size
6 mg/0,4 mg 30

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